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Calial MCcarty 

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Hey there, I'm Calial!

I'm licensed in WA. I specialize in working with ND and LGBTQIA+ individuals, kids, and families. I often work with folks with developmental disabilities, selective speech, multiple sensory loss, assessments, school coordination and accommodations, behavioral needs. I also provide parenting coaching/assistance. I got into therapy because I wanted to help kids who are struggling in school, just like I did. 


I received my Master's in Counseling from NYU. I'm an IBBCS, which means that I'm a Board Certified Autism Specialist. This credential allows me to do Autism testing/assessments, and I'm trained in administering the ADOS-2. The ADOS-2 is considered the "gold standard" for Autism testing. I was trained to complete these assessments through the Autism Center at the University of Washington. I've also been trained in Open Hands, Open Access (OHOA) for sensory challenges. My approach is eclectic and client-centered. 

Current Availability

  • I see clients in-person in Bellingham, WA and virtually throughout WA state

  • Current Openings (as of 4/1/24)​​

    • Limited openings--please reach out for specific days/times 


When I was younger, I watched Criminal Minds and wanted to be just like Reid. I love learning, and psychology has always been my Special Interest. This, combined with my desire to give kids and families the support that I wish I had in school, is why I went into this field. I struggled in school, and didn't get the right support. My own journey and the journey I've been on with my two neurospicy kiddos helped shaped my practice. I also recently discovered that I have Lyme's Disease after a long journey of misdiagnosis. As a person living with chronic illness, I understand the unique challenges that come from being both neurodivergent and chronically ill. 

My lived experience includes the following:

  • Being a person living with chronic illness (Lyme's Disease)

  •  AuDHD

  • Parent of AuDHD kiddos, including one with emotional disturbance,

  • Partner of someone who is ND


Calial is in-network with the following insurance plans:

  • Aetna ​

  • United Healthcare

  • UMR 

Don't see your insurance listed above? We can still work together!

Calial provides invoices (called superbills) that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement for your sessions. For cash pay or out-of-network clients, Calial's rates are as follows:

  • Intake session (individual therapy) - $200

  • Follow-up session (individual therapy) - $150

  • ASD assessment  - $1500 for full assessment (3 sessions)

    • Insurance is not accepted for assessments​

Let's Connect!

To schedule an intake session or a free initial consultation, please use the contact form on this page.


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