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Helping Those who Help Others

You can’t remember the last time you had a good night’s sleep. You’re having a hard time focusing, and you’re struggling to follow through on commitments. You’ve been holding it all in so that you can prioritize everyone else’s needs. You’ve been doing this for too long, and you’re feeling burned out. The weight of it all is impacting your work and relationships. Your friends and family call you their “rock” and you don’t want them to know that you’re hurting. 

Being in a helping profession can be so rewarding, but it can also feel burdensome and traumatizing. Teachers, therapists, medical professionals, first responders (to name a few) are the people that others look to for support when they’re hurting. 

Who is helping you now that you need support? We see you. And you don’t have to fight this battle alone. 

Are you ready to take the next step?



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Our Approach

At Wandering Pine Wellness, we are committed to providing trauma-informed and ND-affirming care to individuals of all identities. Our team of experienced professionals understands the unique challenges that individuals in high-stress careers face, and how those careers impact your mental health. We believe in a holistic approach that takes into account the mental, physical, and social factors that impact our well-being. Through evidence-based therapies such as EMDR, ACT, and CPT, we aim to help our clients achieve lasting results and improve their overall quality of life. Click the button below to learn more about our therapists and book your first appointment!

If you are a therapist looking to join a new team, visit our hiring page to learn more about our open roles. 

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