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Are you in private practice and feeling like you don't have the tools to succeed? 

Maybe you enjoy the freedom of solo practice, but you're feeling isolated from colleagues.

You might be in a group practice and are looking for more flexibility and financial freedom than you currently have. 

Maybe you're in the social services field and you're interested in starting your own private practice, but have no idea where to begin. 

Do any of these sound like you?

Here at Wandering Pine Wellness, we believe in fostering an environment where therapists can grow and thrive. We understand the challenges faced by solo practitioners. You want to stay connected to colleagues and focus on what you do best: providing therapy to your clients. You don't want to spend all of your energy and resources on marketing and admin tasks. However, you don't want these things to cost you all of your financial freedom or flexibility. We hear you! Our model was designed with you in mind. 

Join a dynamic team that offers the best of both worlds: the support and structure of a group practice, coupled with the freedom to shape your schedule and grow your income. 


Is this a 1099 or a W2 position?

This is a 1099 role.

How much of my income will you take?

None. There are NO fee splits. We never touch your earnings; you keep 100% of your income. 

Will you panel me with insurance?

Our contract does require that you accept two insurance plans of your choice. However, you can choose to do this in whatever way makes you the most comfortable (paneling independently, or using a third party company such as Alma or Headway). 

Is there a minimum number of clients that I'm required to see?

No. There is no minimum requirement to work with us. Whether you want to see 2 or 35 clients weekly, we can support you in meeting your caseload goals. 

Can I apply before I'm fully licensed?

Unfortunately, our billing structure can't support associates or provisionally licensed therapists at this time. We ask that you be within one month of licensure when you apply if you're not already licensed.

Do I have to work on weekends on evenings? 

No. You can create your own schedule. 

Why don't you provide your therapists with an office or a personal biller? 

Great question! We believe that you should have the most control over what you spend your money on. Not every therapist wants a physical office, or many of the add-on services that other groups offer. For those who do, the ability to keep more of your earnings allows you to choose what to spend it on. 

Do I have to attend any meetings or trainings to work with you?

We have a weekly staff meeting where we consult on cases and ethical issues. We'd love for you to join! However, due to the nature of the 1099 relationship, we cannot force you to attend this meeting. 

I'm still confused by this model. Can you explain it more?

Think of us like an in-person office suite that houses several therapists, except it's a virtual space instead of physical. Every therapist in the space owns their own business, and they pay us monthly fee (like virtual "rent") for the services that we provide. These services are centered around include admin support. We also aim to support you [as a business owner] by teaching you the skills that you need to grow a thriving business. Unfortunately, none of us learned how to run a business in grad school. We aim to empower you as a business owner by helping you hone your marketing skills, and teaching you to create and operate a website. 

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