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Late-diagnosed and Undiagnosed ADHD


Now scheduling ADHD assessments for June 2024 and beyond!

When you were younger, you got in trouble for talking too much in school. You looked forward to classes with hands-on activities, like science and PE. You got good grades, but you always felt like you had to try so much harder than your classmates to get the same results. You went on to college and things didn’t get easier.  You struggled without the structure of high school, often forgetting about assignments and then cramming so the assignments wouldn’t be late. You tried your best to study for tests, but it was so hard to focus! Now that you’re in the workforce and you don’t have to study, you’re more at peace. You landed a job that gives you a lot of flexibility, and you love it! Except you’re still struggling.
You often show up late to work on the days that you have to go into your office. You forget your lunch at least once per week and sometimes you forget to eat lunch entirely. You often find yourself overwhelmed, struggling to focus on tasks, and feeling like you're constantly swimming against the current. You've sat through countless meetings or classes, feeling like you're falling behind while others seem to effortlessly keep up. Maybe you’ve tried to seek support for these challenges before and you’ve even wondered if you have ADHD. Other professionals have overlooked or dismissed your symptoms, attributing them to something else entirely. They told you that you “just have anxiety” and encouraged you to practice mindfulness to manage your symptoms. You know that your experiences are much more than “just anxiety.” You also know that ADHD isn’t just about being easily distracted; it's about the daily challenges that come with ADHD. You've tried to explain these struggles to others, only to be met with skepticism or misunderstanding. People dismiss your difficulties as just "being lazy" or "not trying hard enough." The constant battle to prove that ADHD is real and that you're not just imagining things is draining.
If you're struggling to find a provider who listens and supports you, let this be the last place that you look. Our team includes experts who specialize in ADHD and can provide the guidance and tools you need to thrive. You'll find yourself more tuned-in to conversations with your loved ones as you stay present and attentive. You’ll be able to check more items off of your to-do list. You’ll remember important events, like birthdays and anniversaries. You’ll show up to events on time. The frustrations that used to trigger quick anger responses will diminish as you gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Our therapy sessions are designed to empower you with the tools and insights needed to achieve these goals. As your self-compassion increases, you’ll finish therapy feeling empowered and confident.
If you’re ready to pursue a diagnosis, we’d love to support you through this process. Perhaps you've recently received an ADHD diagnosis and are grappling with mixed emotions. While validation is crucial, it's normal to mourn the challenges that come with ADHD, and the version of yourself that you thought you knew. We’re here to help you at any step in your journey. Reach out today to schedule your intake or free initial consultation!


Do you prescribe medication? No. All of our providers are masters-level therapists and do not have the legal ability to prescribe medications.

Do you provide assessments? Yes. Now scheduling assessments for June 2024 and beyond.

Do I have to take stimulants? No. The choice to take medication is completely up to you and is not a requirement of our work together. If you’re interested in taking medication but don’t want to take stimulants, you have options! We’d be happy to support you in making the best choice for yourself.

Can you help me find a prescriber? Absolutely! We’re happy to help with this, as we have built relationships with many prescribers in the communities that we serve.

Do I have to attend therapy in person? You can attend your sessions in person, or online from the comfort of your own home.

Who should I schedule my session with?

Gina is our ADHD specialist! 

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